About us

Hello Everybody,

mléčný karamel Danka

I’d like you to introduce you to our little company. As it goes in life – we plan and life is changing those plans.

The last 11 years I worked as zootechnician on a dairy farm, and I thought that without cows, calves and heifers I could not exist. I was very happy that my work is also my hobby.

Due to changes in my work I was forced to say goodbye to my very meaningful and fulfilling employment.

At this time, there was the question – what’s next?

I love to work and cook in the kitchen and always try inventing something new. We are always very interested in what we are really eating.

Once, when we had our first crop of strawberies, my husband said that he could not imagine the strawberries without condensed milk. Due to my professional background I know that between “MILK” and MILK” there is a huge difference, so I started to cook MILK CARAMEL.

I wrote milk with capital letters because the milk for caramel production is purchased directly from the farm. The farms of course comply with all health and hygiene regulations for delivery to dairies.

The success didn’t come immediately. It took some time before my loved ones said: “Now it is perfect”. Gradually I heard praises from our friends and the people around us. We started to give the caramel as gifts – in a short time the caramel was more and more requested from others. The positive response from people around me made me feel that the time is ripe … so we went into business with caramel.

Truth is, that delays from the authorities were extremely lengthy and arduous, and at times I felt that I am asking for a business with atomic power and not for mini caramel factory (mini – just temporary). Patience is a virtue, so we managed. We are two – without tough and loving help from my husband I couldn’t have made it.

The caramel story can be read more in another link.

Now I’d like to share with you more about the reluctance to buy so-called “Empty food”. The large supermarkets are full of them, and we don’t have a chance to enjoy the taste. We don’t know their origin – although it can be on the tag … but …

Time to time the quality of the products (fruits and vegetables) isn’t realy what we want.

The advertised “healthy food” form supermarkets can induce diarrhea or stomach upset to us. And if we aren’t visiting the doctors, we are at least knocked out of the normal daily life without we enjoyed the day.

I believe that many surely knows what I’m talking about ..

That led me to the idea, to enrich the market with the “Apple puree” – only from apples and EVENTUALLY with sugar – it depends on the variety of apples and its acidity. “Ketchup” from tomato – without artificial substitutes, and a few more goodies that will be gradually present on our website.

Of course – all our goodies are free of any preservatives and chemicals. The fruits and vegetables for their production comes from Moravia.

Enjoy the taste!