Milk caramel


My name is MILK CARAMEL, but before your taste buds can enjoy the taste I would like to give you some advice and interesting information about myself.

I am made from a fresh honest cow’s milk supplied directly from certified farms and from beet sugar.

I have successfully passed many tests in an accredited laboratory. Before I go on about myself, I have to inform you that beet and cane sugar are the disaccharides, which are an important source of energy. Before the body is able to use, we must expend great effort and complex chemical processes that sucrose is broken down into simple sugars – fructose and glucose, which are for our organism more easily digestible and is very important. For this process we use vitamin B, calcium, magnesium and other important substances, which again needs to replenish in body. If we don’t have enough then the organism suffers.

And now I must boast that in my production (which is also a long process), it begins to decompose sucrose into fructose and glucose. So you can enjoy the taste and get more clear energy and you will not burden and acidify your body..This energy is not contained in a lot of other sweets.

How to enjoy …

I can amazingly sweeten coffee. I am very tasty as a topping for fruit salads – especially with banana and apples. I am good for pancakes, puddings, desserts, or as an additive to cake fillings. I can also be combined with pieces of sausages, smoked meat or lightly anointed steak to provide an excellent taste. Or in the morning instead of butter you can put on whole wheat broad… You will not regret!

… and maybe you’ll get more ideas

The taste alone … just try!

I wish you good appetite and a lot of sweet, smiley happy days.

Your Milk caramel.